Saturday, May 11, 2013

Madhukar, is silence sexy?

Yes, this precious silence is very sexy, the eros of being... always present. Delightfully plunging into it, into the delicious, refreshing, crystal clear and pure being, the source of infinite consciousness, ocean of love, sparkling diamond of the heart. 

Thank you beloved Madhukarji for the everlasting, silent and delightful presence of love.

In deep *LOVE* and *GRACE*. 

Namasté, Anja Sylvie Aude ♥

"There is a quality here, a beauty, a diamond - which has no name. To this I do invite you." Sri Madhukarji

If you like to dive into this beauty, to merge into it, to be completely absorbed in it, even to become this beauty - or happily you are already this beauty and you like to share with others: Welcome!

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Garden of Love . CD . madhukar & sofya

Today in Yoga of Silence somebody was buying three of it. "I sign this three for whom?", Madhukarji was asking. "They are all for me!" Roaring laughter is floating through the participants. One she was hearing at home, one when she was at work and one inside the car. Wherever she was - she didn't like to miss this sounds...

Feeding not only the ears...
Furthermore she liked to thank for it. When she was dancing on this music she got the impression of a great relief. It was as if karma was dashed away from her, as if she was much more in ease after dancing. Her eyes are beaming while she is talking - every single word expressing the joy she is talking about. And everybody can feel it.

What I experienced right today sounds like a clever sales pitch - like I experienced so often already - but it isn't. Passion of people coming to him is lasting since I met him for the first time in 2004. The even better thing about it: People are talking authentically to him. Once captured in this love you only can talk enthusiastically about it! Once bathing in this love you only like to spread it out. And so many are doing it...

I am talking about the new CD, published from Madhukarji and Sofya. Garden of Love lives up to it's name. Twelve tracks all penned by the two artists and also further involved. Yes, he is also an artist... slow music, traditional mantras - among them also the Gayatri Mantram - also original compositions and fast tracks to dance on. By the way, the insider's tip to "dance away karma" was track 12.

The sound of the music is inviting to rest in this love, to melt into this Oneness, to relax in Beingness - and to celebrate it. For me it is clear that also karma is "dropping away" - but this is not the full potency of this celestial sounds.

And where can one buy the CD with music from the Garden of Love? Either in shop or in every event & retreat with Madhukar.

And now I am curious about your experiences with the sounds of love, burned on this CD...

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

What is it all about: Serving?

I am quite sure he loves this questions. If somebody asks: "What is devotion?" or "What is love?" The answers Madhukarji gives could make you doubt about that it is one of his favorites. This is because I never heard him talking about how it is like to live up to it. His answer is always pointing in one direction: inwards! He answers something like: "Inquire who likes to love, inquire who likes to devote himself - and it will happen. If so - you realize yourself."

In his presence everything becomes golden
like from evening sun.

Many of the people around me don't understand why I am following a Master, much less why I am serving him. Many don't understand why I am donating from my free time for this. 

For me it is crystal-clear. Today while cleaning my windows I had this thoughts flooding my mind. Formerly it was a necessary evil - cleaning the windows. Well, I must admit that It's still not one of my all-day favorites - if so, I'd do it all the time. But I can say: I am happy to make the cleaning cloth move on the windows. Heart is beaming of joy, the corners of the mouth upwards: Windowcleaning!

Serving means to dedicate every handclap to him, to dedicate every breath to him. In the eye of people around me I am spending part of my free time. In my eyes I am donating everything. And the consequence? Every breath in life is for him, every handclap in life is for him - no matter if serving or not. Life itself is serving. Identification with person dissolved. Devotion, love - anywhere, always!

Pure love to look in this eyes...

Even if this divine joy is not dissolving, through serving at least person becomes happy. This is what psychological studies often find. David Disalvo collected researches about how the brain is making one happy. Dr. Richard Bandler collected the well known strategies of how to be happy. He calls them secrets. But this happiness is not the joy I am talking about. Fading happiness - not always, not everlasting, relying on circumstances. Somebody it telling you a method - what you can do to become happy.

Eventually there is this unpersonal joy which is always and everywhere. Also in my experience it is not worth to talk about how to live up to it. Why should one waste time? Why not directly living up to it by asking: "Who is serving?" "Who am I?" More than this questions about love and devotion mentioned above, my beloved Guruji loves it if somebody is living up to it - love and devotion - naturally, out of this moment. Now!

What you can find here - Amazon:


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Picture: Madhukarji

Friday, July 13, 2012

Yoga of Silence ... in the retreat

Thanks for the guest article to Purna
Our everyday lifes are ruled by our surroundings - family, friends, job and so on. It might happen that there rises the thought: It's all too much for me now. I find no peace. Thoughts about anything are constantly revolving and might even steal your sleep.

Now it's time for a break!

Time for a retreat! The possibility only to be with yourself and to arrive there - this is your chance in a retreat. You can participate alone or also together with others. It takes place at silent, remote places, far away from noise and the common activities of life. Often in pure nature there is the possibility to go for a walk or an excursion, to go for a swim and also other opportunities for relaxation.

Here is what Wikipedia says about it:
"...retreat means to leave everyday business for a few days (weeekend-retreat) up to weeks. The goal is to let go of daily stress and problems... Often retreats are offered as organised travels abroad."
View from the retreatplace to Es Vedra, Ibiza

A synonym for retreat could be contemplation or turning inside. Mostly there is a schedule which gives the retreat a structure, defined by times of meals, yoga and satsang. Inbetween you have time for yourself - go for a walk, have a short nap, talk to others, plan other activities or simply enjoying inner peace and silence. 

Mostly somebody is leading the retreat. This are people who are capable to attend you on your inner quest. They are sharing their realization for example in form of satsang. Often they are addressed as Master of as Guru. The gathering of people who strive for this realization together with this Master or Guru is called satsang - being in company with the highest truth. The highest finding is to realize ones true nature and this means to find everlasting peace.

The Master has realized the True nature and deap peace is rediating from him. Close to him this peace is also evolving in others.

What happens in a retreat?

In my experience it is through the Master that there is created an energy field in which you simply can relax. This is not only during Satsang - but during the whole retreat. Within this peace you are in good hands. What happens in the retreat all has one whole purpose: Everything leads to this innermost diamond. Especially the gatherings in Satsang are very powerful. In the beginning there is silence, you have the possibility to ask questions or there is music where you can dance or simply listen to.

Dialogs from the retreat Mystery of Oneness, Goa, India

There is nothing to do, no exercises - because what we are longing for is already here: inner peace, happiness, silence. You can not attain what is existing always. In the dialogs with the Master you can clarify hindrances that might prevent you from experiencing this peace, from living this peace. Our attention is attracted inwards. Satsang is very satisfying - simply sitting with the Master, simply be, nothing to do. Thoughts are loosing their importance, peace and clarity are evolving, simply and naturally.

Well-being is supportet additionaly by gathering with the Sangha, profitable discussions, nature hikes, dancing, joint adventures - and from time to time there might be also a party. Simply being happy together, sharing the positive things of life and bring them into everyday life.

And after the Retreat?

When the retreat is finished everydaylife if going on. And it is in everydaylife where we need quietness and peace. Out of this ease we have a better possibility to come to the best decisions. Harmony is ruling our lives that we can enjoy everything with happiness! 
Quietness, ease and peace, happiness is our true nature. We are This already!

In a retreat we gain access to this and the perspective on our live could change.
Welcome to the retreat!


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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Thankful for sitting at the feet of the Guru on Guru Purnima

What could be more important than sitting at the feet of the Guru on Guru Purnima? It is said, that it is 1.000 times more effective and beneficial to sit in the presence of the Master than on any other day of the year.

Words can merely describe what is possible as an experience on this special day. The following video gives impressions for your eyes and your ears. You can fall directly into this one Love.

Boundless thankfullness

The grace of the Guru is infinite - as also is the thankfulness of the devotee.

Read this testimonial from Krisnadas, who is also the founder of Ganapati Verlag and let yourself be touched by devotion:

"Dearest beloved Guruji,
thank you 
for opening our hearts and eyes to see,
the immaculate beauty of your divine Love,
the paradise we are living in.
What a glorious Guru Purnima!
still swept off our feet – we are bathing in your sweet Grace.....
Your family
Shanti, Elia, Angela & Krisnadas"

Jaya, jaya Madhukarji - Madhukarji ki joy ho!

Books on Yoga of Silence
you find in the shop on Madhukarji's homepage and on the homepage of Ganapati Verlag (publishing house), for example this one:

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Stroke of insight - how a scientist could bring you to Yoga of Silence

I am quite sure you know this experiences. You wish they would never end... Your favorite dish - great to eat this always. But stop, this could become boring! 
This is all but certain - that there are experiences you never wish to make again. The more unpleasant ones. This is not what I like to write about - newspapers are full of it anyway.  And yet - I found something that is beyond this two possibilities... the pleasant and the unpleasant ones - that come and go. 
There is something when you experience it you instantly know: From now on this is reality to me every single second! 

Lately I've found a video where a woman wished: If this was possible always...!
The brain scientist Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor experienced a stroke. She discovered something astonishing. 

See for yourself how the single moment looks like, how it feels like, how it sounds like... While she was "Swimming like wale in an ocean of peace." she couldn't move her arm. She had "No thoughts in the mind, stillness." and was reading and dealing her telephone number at the same time. 

Best promise I ever heard...

And she also has very good news: It is possible to live up to this always!  Inner peace which is always? This experience is possible to make it always? Forever? What a promise.... and you are sure it will not become boring like did my favorite dish? I even take it to the next level: You are not making the experience of this peace - you are this peace!

Inner peace without a stroke?

But paper doesn't blame - and so does the screen. Therefore I suggest to make this experience on your own. Not to get a stroke - but to sit in Yoga of Silence with Madhukar. Make your words being based on experience. In the presence of somebody living up to it you can make you own experience of this peace, of this abundance, of this ocean of stillness. If this peace is your reality this "I wish this would be always." is past. Because this peace is always. Caution: it is very infectious!

Happy to meet you there...!

Amazon offers interesting books about it:

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Yoga of Silence is laughing

Once I sat in satsang and I couldn't stop laughing. It was this kind of laughing that comes from deep inside. "It's all a joke!" Giggling all day long.

picture: janefk
I think it lasted three days. Even when I think of it now, it is like bubbles of giggling and joy and the body begins to shake from within. Tremendous happiness.

I think it was in "Nothing ever happened" where I found a very simple quote of Sri Poonjaji which fits to this:

"A laugh a day keeps the world away."

If you apply this you also don't need an apple to keep the doctor away. I suppose it is as good for health as the apple is...?

In this short film you can experience how this works. Each time I see this giggling man in the short film I remember these three days when I was sitting at the feet of holy Arunachala near Tiruvannamalai in India and at once it is like I was sitting there - like I have been sitting there always.

Or you join satsang, ask simply "Who am I?" - yoga of silence. Enjoy!

What is your experience with laughing in Satsang?

Amazon also delivers this book:

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