Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hello - or why I am here...

Hi! My name is Shivani. I decided to start a weblog.

Because I know that the internet is a space where you somehow find exactly the information you are looking for. At least - if you really want to! I believe that there are some of you out there interested in something I really like to share. And eventually this simple action will manifest the love inside of me in the outside. You are interested in silence? Joy of life, ease, sense of humor, clarity, freedom and beauty? Then I like to invite you to a mystery, I want to I invite you to love. Yes, you have read correctly! 
In this weblog I write about this. My own experiences and also what other say about it. I am happy about your questions and a conversationI will be very pleased to answer any questions you have and to share all the useful information which can help you to find this joy as well.
Thankful to beloved master Master
Jaya, jaya Madhukarji

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