Sunday, October 9, 2011

One day I was very lucky...

Sofya from St. Petersburg writes:
For a long time (which is doubtful of course as I am twenty) I was wandering around, without any guiding coordinates. Once I had left the naïve heavens of childhood I found myself playing again and again emotional and mind stories leading nowhere. I opened my eyes spiritless in the mornings, felt in the evenings energetically empty from all kinds of activities, missing the meaning of them, even if I were attentively listening to the people surrounding me who tried to convince me about the sense of it all.

Nevertheless – one day I was very lucky.
I don’t know if it happened because despite everything I was still following my inner interest (maybe even subconscious) to realize who am I, to have not only outer coordinates but some inner compass. Or it was sheer luck or it happened out of no reason at all. Fact is, one day a very important and wonderful thing happened - I met the Master.
“Because of your desire for the truth and freedom a master manifests, appearing as a human to speak to you. He turns you towards this love which you are…”     Madhukar ‘Oneness. Clarity and Joy of Life through Advaita

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