Friday, October 28, 2011

Under the Apricot Tree

Picture by Vladimir
I love it to read in blogs. Some are very familiar to me now - just like friends.
Like this silent spot unter the Apricot Tree. Jenni lives on the country side. I love very much her blog called "Under the Apricot Tree". She invites every reader to sit with her under this tree, which is growing and prospering in her garden. She invites to sit "with open palms, to receive the blessing of this moment, in all its sweet-tart glory" This is, what I also love. 
She describes how she makes a new home, starts a family and is living intentionally and most important seing the grace in ordinary things.

She writes about stillness, about grace, about simply being. I don't know if she writes about this stillness which is vibrating in myself. But I love to read her blog. And I love to read the reactions when she writes: "No Shame in Stillness" describing the luxury to sit still for a whole day and even putting up feet on the porch rail. 

From now on I here like to introduce my new friends, who I go to see from time to time. Might be they don't know about me?

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