Sunday, December 11, 2011

Yoga of Silence is laughing

Once I sat in satsang and I couldn't stop laughing. It was this kind of laughing that comes from deep inside. "It's all a joke!" Giggling all day long.

picture: janefk
I think it lasted three days. Even when I think of it now, it is like bubbles of giggling and joy and the body begins to shake from within. Tremendous happiness.

I think it was in "Nothing ever happened" where I found a very simple quote of Sri Poonjaji which fits to this:

"A laugh a day keeps the world away."

If you apply this you also don't need an apple to keep the doctor away. I suppose it is as good for health as the apple is...?

In this short film you can experience how this works. Each time I see this giggling man in the short film I remember these three days when I was sitting at the feet of holy Arunachala near Tiruvannamalai in India and at once it is like I was sitting there - like I have been sitting there always.

Or you join satsang, ask simply "Who am I?" - yoga of silence. Enjoy!

What is your experience with laughing in Satsang?

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