Monday, November 28, 2011

Yoga of Silence is grace

Picture from Szilard, taken in Goa November 2011
"Grace is when you are satisfied. Grace is when you are home wherever you are. Grace is to sit in Satsang, waking up from illusion. Grace is formless and cannot be defined." Madhukarji

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Look into my eyes in Yoga of Silence

When I was in satsang for the first time with my Master, he asked me: "Why are you hiding behind somebody else?" I didn't unterstand what he was asking because my intention was not to hide behind somebody.

Eyecontact with the Master

Nevertheless - today I unterstand why he asked me. Often people are disappointed when he doesn't look into their eyes or if it was not happening that he could make an eye contact. Others are beaming of light and happiness or tears of joy are running down their cheek while sitting in front of him. Again others start to giggle and can't stop anymore - their lough attack comes right from the heart. Look into the eyes of Sri Ramana Maharshi in the following video:

What happens when the master and the student look into each other's eyes?

"Student vanishes, master vanishes - indescribable happiness! It is immeasurable good fortune when you meet a master who will not betray you. When you look closely, you will see that the masters not only sitting before you but is seeing with your eyes. It is quite extraordinary for someone to want to be free and to have a pure heart - as you do." (from Oneness. Clarity and Joy of Life through Advaita - will be published soon.)

In psychology of perzeption eyes also have a special importance.

During my studies in psychology I always found it fascinating to learn about the eyes. The nerve cells in our brain transmit all kinds of signals. Some of them are specialized. In the visual cortex there are cells that only react if eyes are seen. From the first day our eyes are important for living - and for survival. The baby is focussing the eyes of his beloved mother and grownups are making eye contact to see if the other person is insecure, aggressive or full of self-confidence.

According the eyes there is no cheating.

Picture from Jeflen Flickr
Eyes are even more interesting. Filmindustry is using more and more digital pictures. Not long ago Spiderman was crawling on the ground, the film was turned 90 ° up - and he is perceived climbing up the wall. Today Spiderman jumps just out of the hand of a media designer. The computer is giving birth to the character. Only apart from one detail: the eyes! The actor is not totally out of work. This is because our brain doesn't let itself be fooled. At least what concerns the eyes. That means if the eyes of Spiderman are produced by a computer the viewer is not happy to see the film. So there is an actor sitting in front of a blue wall and the camera is recording the movements of head and eyes which fit to the movements of the cyber character.  This recording is implemented into the electronic Spiderman and now our brain is accepting him as similar to a human being - the audience is enjoying the film!

Darshan of the beloved - the power of silence (prevention of burnout)

If also our nerve system is supporting this - I don't know exactly. But that people love to have the darshan of their beloved Guruji this I know for sure. The word darshan is Sanskrit and means "sight".  Master and devote are looking in each ohter's eyes. What happens is wonderful. Waves of thankfulness and peace. Thoughts and mind are calming down. This is the power of silence. Is this the reason why nowadays people who are in danger of burnout search for eye contact with the Master?

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Round things...

Today two round things have just crossed my way: Mandalas and an artist who is painting on chewing gum. Both are colorful and round, they are very similar. And yet they are very different.

You can have a look in this video and learn how to grow a Mandala. Information about the Mandala you find at Wikipedia
It reminds me of an interview which Madhukar once led with his own Master, Sri H.W.L. Poonja. He is talking about the teaching of his former dzog-chen master. In terms of self-liberation he compared the primordial state of the individual with a spontaneously generated mandala where nothing is lacking. The interview you can find in the book "The Simplest Way".

Second round thing today is the street art of Ben Wilson who lives in London. He is painting colorful pictures on chewing gums that have been spit on the street and stepped over for many times so they are very flat. In the flickr gallery you can see how amazing they look. He is with no doubt bringing old gums back to life.

In this video he explains how he works and what other people are thinking about it. Painting makes the artist happy - and it makes also other people happy. But is it the same happiness that shines from a self-liberated being? But let's continue with art. The next clip shows on whom you could step on London's pavements...

So watch your step if you move on London's pavements!

IMAGE: A Ben Wilson streetscape on the street, via Flickr user Salimfadhley.

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

The wonder of OM

After the joyous retreat Inner Sun on the Spanish island Ibiza we were celebrating the birthday of H.W.L. Poonja, Madhukaji's beloved Master on October 13th in Karlsruhe.

When I heard somebody asking him a few days ago about the celebration and the birthday of his Master, he replied:

"The birthday of my Master is in every moment, not on one single day."

This is because he has - as a Master for sure - the understanding (and this is also his reality in every single  moment), that Papaji is not the body, but the infinite, silence itself, which is underlying everything.

In this podcast "The wonder of OM" he speaks about OM, his own Master and about himself when he was a child. Enjoy!

And today we are celebrating Madhukarji's birthday. Happy M-mas to everybody!
Madhukarji ki jay ho!

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