Sunday, February 19, 2012

Stroke of insight - how a scientist could bring you to Yoga of Silence

I am quite sure you know this experiences. You wish they would never end... Your favorite dish - great to eat this always. But stop, this could become boring! 
This is all but certain - that there are experiences you never wish to make again. The more unpleasant ones. This is not what I like to write about - newspapers are full of it anyway.  And yet - I found something that is beyond this two possibilities... the pleasant and the unpleasant ones - that come and go. 
There is something when you experience it you instantly know: From now on this is reality to me every single second! 

Lately I've found a video where a woman wished: If this was possible always...!
The brain scientist Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor experienced a stroke. She discovered something astonishing. 

See for yourself how the single moment looks like, how it feels like, how it sounds like... While she was "Swimming like wale in an ocean of peace." she couldn't move her arm. She had "No thoughts in the mind, stillness." and was reading and dealing her telephone number at the same time. 

Best promise I ever heard...

And she also has very good news: It is possible to live up to this always!  Inner peace which is always? This experience is possible to make it always? Forever? What a promise.... and you are sure it will not become boring like did my favorite dish? I even take it to the next level: You are not making the experience of this peace - you are this peace!

Inner peace without a stroke?

But paper doesn't blame - and so does the screen. Therefore I suggest to make this experience on your own. Not to get a stroke - but to sit in Yoga of Silence with Madhukar. Make your words being based on experience. In the presence of somebody living up to it you can make you own experience of this peace, of this abundance, of this ocean of stillness. If this peace is your reality this "I wish this would be always." is past. Because this peace is always. Caution: it is very infectious!

Happy to meet you there...!

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